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I offer a wide range of restoration and custom building services.  Because I maintain a small business, the customer benefits by getting personalized, quality service, at what I believe to be a very competitive price.  Below I have listed my services along with a brief description.


Vintage and Muscle Car Restoration

Although I offer my specialty as Mopar (Dodge, Plymouth) and Roadster, all vintage vehicles are welcome.  A vintage vehicle as far as my services are concerned, is a pre 1975, pre catalytic converter, pre computer car.  Before the Government started screwing them up.  I specialize in complete rebuilds and restorations.  I do not offer insurance repair service.  I offer forty plus years of car building experience. 

Custom Roadster Building

This is a relatively new service that I am offering.  Offering this service is new, but the process is not.  I have studied a lot of material on the subject, but as usual, the experience gained by helping friends build their roadsters has proven invaluable.  I will rebuild your current roadster or design and build you a new one to your specifications. 

Vintage Gas Pump and Soda Pop Machine Restoration

I will restore your antique gas pump or soda pop machine.  Gas pumps can be restored to most any brand of your choice.  I can restore a generic soda pop machine to an available brand of your choice, but most soda pop machines were heavily embossed with a specific brand and those will have to adhere to that brand.  If you do not have a machine, I will try to find a machine of your choosing.

Vintage Aircraft Restoration

Again, I offer forty plus years experience in aircraft building.  I specialize in vintage aircraft of the tube and rag type of construction.  These can be registered standard category or Experimental.  I can custom build an original design or replica aircraft from a set of drawings.  I can also build aircraft for static display to any scale you would like.  

Vintage Signs, Gas Pumps, Soda Pop Machines, Available for Era Film Work

I have about 200 vintage, brand specific, advertising signs and a large selection of gas pumps and soda pop machines, available for use in the motion picture industry.  I can recreate complete gas stations for about five different brands of gasoline.   


Mike's Mopar & Roadster / Wing Nuts, Inc. * 834 Troy Hwy N. * P.O. Box 501 * Elba, Alabama * USA * 36323 * Phone: (334) 524-1511 * wingnutsinc@aol.com

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