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P.O. Box 501, Elba, Alabama | Phone: (334) 524-1511| Info: wingnutsinc@aol.com 


Welcome to Mike's Mopar & Roadster and much, much more.

Yes, you are at the right place.  Don't be confused by the other services I can provide.  What you will find is a culmination of years of growth and adapting to the request of my customers.  In short, there is not a lot that I can't build or provide.


You guessed it, my name is Mike.  I operate Mike's Mopar & Roadster, which is a new extension of Wing Nuts, Inc.  Yes, I can build you an airplane also.  I've built Hot Rods and Aircraft all my life, starting in the late sixties with a 1956 Chevy in High School.  Starting in the late seventies, I restored Mopar and Bowtie Muscle Cars.  At the same time, being a pilot and aircraft enthusiast, I helped friends rebuild several Vintage Aircraft.  I started Wing Nuts, Inc. in 1998 and since that time have built over forty Vintage and Experimental aircraft.  A hobby of mine over the years, has been collecting and restoring antique Gas Pumps and Soda Pop Machines as well as Vintage Cars.  My experience and hobbies allow me the flexibility to offer my customer quite an array of restoration services.  Let me know how I may help you and thanks for visiting the web site. 


Services Offered:

  • Vintage and Muscle Car Restoration
  • Custom Built Roadsters
  • Vintage Gas Pump and Soda Machine Restoration
  • Vintage Aircraft Restoration
  • Custom Built Aircraft
  • Vintage Signs, Gas Pumps, Soda Pop Machines, etc available for Era Film Work

Everyone is invited to stop in.   We can discuss your needs or just to visit and look at the antiques.  However, I am not currently open to the public.  I have recently moved to a new address, which is the 834 Troy Hwy. N. address, which has an old store front and a couple of warehouses.  I'm in the process of cleaning and repairing the old building to make it more presentable and useful and it is a slow process.  All I ask, is that you either e-mail or call me to make sure that someone is here to let you in and answer any questions you might have. Your communication would be most appreciated.  Thanks, Mike.

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One of my Fire Trucks.  A 1939 International.


Mike's Mopar & Roadster / Wing Nuts, Inc. * 834 Troy Hwy N. * P.O. Box 501 * Elba, Alabama * USA * 36323 * Phone: (334) 524-1511 * wingnutsinc@aol.com

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